We're carbon neutral

With less than 30 years left to make our planet carbon neutral, we’re committed to contributing our share. On top, we help you to reduce your personal footprint, too.

Why every bit

Have you ever wondered what footprint your smartphone has? Or about the environmental impact of browsing the web? The truth is: the internet’s carbon footprint is set to double until 2025. That is why every little action that we can contribute matters. Every little bit matters.

What's our footprint

Together with our partner Planetly, we’ve analysed our footprint and looked for reduction potential. Be this inside the product or within our operations, the goal is to reduce as much as possible.

In 2020, we produced

≈ 100 tCO2e

Like flying from Berlin to Zurich

725 times

Needed to absorb the emissions

8 ha forest

How we compensate
our footprint


Reforestation is  the second most crucial aspect in fight of climate change after the reduction of fossil fuels. That is why we support the Borneo Rainforest REDD+ Project, which protects over 60,000 hectares of carbon-rich peat swamp forests from conversion to palm oil plantations.

Start compensating,