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We dream of a world in which online privacy and user experience go hand in hand. And every day we work hard to make this dream come true. Come with us.

Born around the globe –
At home in Berlin

We are proud of our team members who come from all over the world. Based in the heart of Europe, Berlin, we believe that all technological innovations should guard the democratic values we live every day. This includes the fundamental human right to privacy.

To bring our vision to life we push many technological boundaries at Xayn. It’s the driving force behind everything we do and requires brave and smart people. Research excellence is in our origin and with 30% Ph.D.s among our team members continues to be our DNA for everything we do.

Tablet displaying an error message.

It works on my machine

Code First. Our team is made up of two thirds of engineers. And we love it.

Wii remotes and Nintendo character next to a plant.

Blood, Sweat & Tears

656Mn. rounds of Mario Kart may have been played so far. But then again, we don't track anything at Xayn.

Happiness Managers

From dogs to office turtles, we love bringing our pets to work. Got a cute pet to bring, too?

Three plastic cups and a ping pong ball next to a plant.

Grab a cold one

Radler is our favorite office drink. Which is why we make sure we always have enough of it stocked in the fridge.

Beatrice Kahl - Head of HR

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