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Your new discovery app is here. Be it searching the web, browsing the discovery feed or building content collections: You'll get personalised results like never before, at privacy levels you wouldn't believe is possible.

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For privacy

The right to privacy is fundamental. That's why we block all trackers, cookies and ads, so you can browse the web incognito. We never collect any data on you. That simple.

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For planet

To tackle the climate crisis, every bit of effort matters. We’re carbon neutral, so you can offset your emissions footprint every time you browse the web with Xayn.

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For you

The internet is full of wonderful content waiting to be discovered. We cut through the web noise for you. Xayn learns what you like and don't like, showing only content relevant to you.

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Xayn is available for iOS and Android phones and tablets as well as for web (beta).